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3 Окт 2019
Resources Requirement Manual of PW
Beijing Perfect World Technology, Co., Ltd


1. Server Configuration

To build a Game World which can support a maximum of 8000 players at the same time, a normal game servers group and Internet of 50M bandwidth (connect speed) are required.

Hardware structure list:

1.1 Rack Mount Server

Server Name​
Configuration Advice​
Number of Internet IP address​
Game logic calculation​
DELL 1850
DELL 1850 (without disk)

CPU: Dual Xeon 3.0 GHz 800MHz FSB
RAM: 2G DDR2 400 ECC Registered
NIC: Two 1Gb network cards with Intel chip, with PXE
(Two 1Gb network cards are necessary)
IPMI: telecontrol switch supporting IPMI,read SEL(System Event Log), console redirection to NIC.
Network link port​
Route of information package transmit​
Data backup​
DELL 1850
CPU: Dual Xeon 3.0 GHz 800MHz FSB
RAM: 2G DDR2 400 ECC Registered
NIC: two 1Gb network cards with Intel chip with PXE
(Two 1Gb network cards are necessary)
RAID controller: LSI SCSI 320-2 with 256M cache with backup battery
(No use HostRAID on mainboard, RAID is necessary)
Hard disk: two 146G 10K SCSI hard disks to form RAID1 with RAID controller.
IPMI: telecontrol switch supporting IPMI,read SEL(System Event Log), console redirection to NIC.
DELL 1850
CPU:Dual Xeon 3.0 GHz 800MHz FSB
RAM: 2G DDR2 400 ECC Registered
NIC: dual 1Gb Intel chip network card, with PXE
(Two 1Gb network cards are necessary)
RAID Controller: LSI SCSI 320-2 with 256M cache with backup battery
(No using HostRAID on mainboard, RAID is necessary)
Hard disk: two 146G 10K SCSI hard disks to form RAID1 with RAID controller.
Remote control card: support network remote power-on&off, parameter amendment of BIOS, mount remote CD-ROM and reinstall system.
Standby server​
Replacement in case any server hardware doesn’t work.​
DELL 1850 (without disk)
CPU: Dual Xeon 3.0 GHz 800MHz FSB
RAM: 2G DDR2 400 ECC Registered
NIC: two 1Gb network cards with Intel chip with PXE
(Two 1Gb network cards are necessary)
IPMI:, telecontrol switch supporting IPMI, read SEL(System Event Log), console redirection to NIC.
(Table 1)

1.2 Network Switcher
Configuration Advice​
Intranet Switcher​
Inter communication between servers​
DELL 2724
All ports are full-duplex Giga RJ45 hyper 5 twisted-pair switcher. Support VLAN.​
Internet Switcher​
External communication of server group​
DELL 2724
All ports are full-duplex Giga RJ45 hyper 5 twisted-pair switcher. Support VLAN.​
(Table 2)

Note: Internet switcher and standby server can be shared by 2 server groups in a same IDC servers’room.

Illustration for such setup is as below:

Fig 1

1.3 Game Logic
In Fig 2, DataBase is used to store data of game world, such as roles in the game; LinkServer is responsible for the communication of players (this is the only one server to be contacted directly by players); Delivery is used to communicate with central server (mainly for account and charge information); GameServer is for logic calculation; BackupServer is to save Logs of all GameServers and backup DataBase; Management is to control startup and management operation of all servers.

Fig 2

1.4 Network Structure

Fig 3

1.5 Server Expand
A very stable server operation needs the following configuration:

Players number
Server groups Number
Server Number
Switcher Number
Less than 6000

(Table 3)
2. Server Installation and Maintenance

2.1 Server Installation
Take out switcher from the case and place it on the rack.

Take out server from the case and install tracks on it

(a supporting tray may also be used).

3. Connect network cable and power cable. Each group of servers has both internet and intranet network.

2.2 Internet and Intranet Network with BMC Address Layout
1. Get available IP address, Mask and gateway address from ISP.

2. Arrange and allot the available IP address.

2.3 BIOS BMC DRAC System Configuration
1.Configure Management BIOS

2.Configure Management DRAC

3.Configure BIOS of other machines

4.Configure BMC of other machines

2.4 RAID Configuration
1. Configure Management RAID

Configure DATABASE and the RAID of BACKUP

2.5 Server System Installation
Link notebook to be opened to the intranet.

Connect the monitor and keyboard with Management.

Divide hard disk and format it.

Divide hard disk of Mount and prepare image file.

Restore image file to the root file system of hard disk.

Configure grub

Startup from local hard disk.

Edit the xml configuration file.

Run installation configuration program.

Start up other servers to see they are normal.

Format the database and hard disks of backup.

Installation ends.

2.6 Server Inspection and Testing
1. Check BMC configuration.

2. Check if servers with NFS root can be logged in from Manager server.

3. Check configuration of DRAC card.

4. Check switchers both of Intranet and Internet.

5. Make sure all power cables are securely plugged in, especially cables between switcher and Management server.

3. Background System Manual
3.1 Servers Supervision

Status supervision of server process:

It is used to make sure server process is normal in each group (Presently there are totally seven types of server process for each group).

Ports supervision:

Regularly scan ports in every server. The system will report the problem immediately in any abnormal condition.

Usage of supervising software of Cricket:

Supervise the following:

1) Hardware condition of each server: Using rate of CPU, RAM and hard disk capacity etc.

2) Server’s connection status with internet: TCP link number, current online players number, Average Package-Lost Rate, Average Ping Value and volume of network card.

Supervision of STG Flowing Rate:

It is used to reflect TCP connection number of players in each server groups.

5、Website supervision

1) calculate the number of accessing to the website

2) monitor performance of official web server and AU server

Monitor hardware in Official web server: CPU, RAM and hard disk capacity etc.

Monitor internet status of server: Average package-lost rate, average ping and volume of network card etc.

6、Monetary Statistic

1) monetary level growth

2) total resource of money

3) increment of money

4) trading volume of money resource

7、Game Log Analysis

1)calculate Players’ number

2)calculate Players’ online time and location

3)calculate Players’ level

3.2 Server Maintenance
What to do if server doesn’t work

How to find the server doesn’t work

What to do to deal with such trouble

Routine work after release of new edition Game

Shut down each group of servers friendly

Inspect operating status of the server

Open “Automatic Update” if update exists in terminal

Click Re-release to restart game after update is finished

After the game starts up normally, you may set as the followings

ⅰ. Set up parameters of each group servers.

ⅱ. Whether players can gain double experience when they kill monsters in the game

ⅲ. Whether players can bargain with each other in the game.

ⅳ. Whether players can auction things.

ⅴ. Whether players can email in the game.

ⅵ. Whether players can establish or join guilds in the game.

ⅶ. Whether players can gain two times money as much as that the monsters drop.

ⅷ. Whether players can gain two times belongings as many as that the monsters drop.

ⅸ. Whether players can gain two times skill points in the game.

ⅹ. Whether players can bargain their game credits card in the game.

4. GM Function List
Name of Function
Shift between player’s name and IDEnter role’s name to search ID number
Cloak or invincibilityMake role invisible or invincible to the other roles
Move to assigned role’s positionMove GM to other role’s locations
GM’s SummonMove roles to GM’s position speedly
Move to specified positionMove GM to specific sites on the map speedly
Compulsory offlineKick player’ID number off the server and limit their logging-in time
Banning speakingBan a role’s speech
Global Restrictive TradingBan trading with NPC and/or other roles
Banning sellingBan business start-up privileges
System BroadcastingGive right of broadcasting to all players
Shut down server gameShut down game server
Summon monstersSummon specific monsters
Dismiss monsters that has been summonedDismiss monsters that has been summoned
Double experienceOperate the function of double experience of server.
Prohibit bargaining between playersNo bargain between players
Prohibit auctioningClose auctioning function
Prohibit emailingClose emailing function
Prohibit guild operationClose guild function
Double moneyDouble the value of money dropped by monsters
Double belongingsDouble the amount of objects dropped by monsters
Double skill pointsDouble skill points
Server StatusShow process status of server
Server LogShow log of server
Compulsory shutdown and restart game serverForcibly quit and restart game server
Compulsory shutdown and restart database serverforcibly quite and restart database server
Check player’s IDIdentify player’s ID by clicking on roles
Check role informationCheck role’s personal information
Check role connection statusCheck player’s connection status
Check Player’s management RecordCheck player’s record of previous punishment
Account recharging recordCheck recharge record of the account (including monthly accounts)
Balance statusCheck remanent game points in every area
Game balance modificationChange account’s remanent game points
Account informationCheck account’s personal information
Change Account informationChange account’s registered information
Undo limitationCancel the limitation to an account
Check Role DirectoryCheck all role names of the account
Change PasswordChange account password
Prohibit Game Credits Card TradingBan trading of game cards
Change Role’s Personal InfoChange role’s personal information
(Table 4)

5. Game Design Modification
Vending props & Using Game Card

Pattern of freely vending props

Props are mainly consumable, luxury and things that can enhance power.

The elementary props that can be vended are : costume, aerocraft, ground vehicles, fireworks, role enhancers and special things. This pattern does not conflict with the one using a monthly card.

Mode modification about gaining experience, energy, props and money

BVgame may bring forward its demand. The aim of modification for each demand should be narrated and we can negotiate with each other according to the fact. All edition will be on time if agreement about modification is come to before July 15th otherwise it will be postponed.

Measures to Anti-Enthrallment Law of Vietnam.

Anti-Enthrallment Law of Vietnam requests: such technology as time management system on server must be installed, which only allows every account to get 100% rewards in the first 180 minutes, 50% rewards from 181 to 300 minutes and nothing rewards above 301 minutes. (rewards can be experience, money in the game or other objects etc.)

There will be too much work to do if we modify the edition restrictively according to the demand of this law because all Instances will be nearly modified. The Vietnam version will be finished two months later than that of the simplified Chinese version.

6. Activity Requirement
6.1 Manually Operated Activities
Stochastic Pattern of Monster

Players get rewards when they kill monsters existing stochastically in the game, which is usually met when a boss is killed. Such activity is supported by the computer program and finished by GM manually operated program.

Take The atmosphere of the spring is showing through the flying of birds and jumping of dogs, perfect celebration is going through in great China as an example. when a monster named Nian produced by computer appears at a given time and given place in the game, Nian’s actions are mostly changeless. But more actions of the monster’s are manually controlled through GM program. For example, in the following two games: Make Best Wish in New Year and Yuanling Army’s Surprise Attack, GM program has set up the monsters well beforehand and it can run such program repeatedly. GM can adjust the frequency and quantities of monsters according to the players’ level in different servers.

Co-participation between GM and Players

The program will go on some co-participating games between GM and players at the end of inner test using the inner setup with the purpose to contact players closer, make them easy and also advertise for merchant.

For example, a competition called PK Carnival Night at the end of inner test will go between GM and players. Here deleting roles will not affect game players since the inner test has finished. Therefore it can improve players’ enthusiasm to take part in.

The game offers new occupations and invites players to know directly. For instance, in Monsters Show, GM makes use of skill display and special display of function and belongings of senior monsters’ occupations to attract direct feeling of players and then to advertise their new occupations.

Propagandas like Shu Mu Nian Hua as prolocutor of Perfect World or Perfect Girls Show are to put real persons online to enhance online atmosphere and advertise products.

Player’s Exploration Game

Such game is to attract players’ interest through GM’s particularity and rewards. For example in the Mysterious Merchant, GM appears at a given place, gives riddles to players and guides them to find where GM is according to the answer of riddle. Finally GM puts a premium on those who meet the demands of what GM needs.

Auction Game

GM auctions its superior goods in the game with very low beginning price, which will attract players’interest, especially those who desire much but with limited economic situation.

For example, in the Wedding Dress Auction, the wedding dress is costly article which appeals female players very much. ¥1 beginning price will attract players to bid. Many female players keen compete for the wedding dress

6.2 Background Supported Activities
Knowledge Contests and Guessing Game

Question database is set as missions and placed on specified NPC. Taking specified props, players draw missions from NPC and begin to answer in a stated time. Usually ten questions make up one toll-gate. When a player answers ten questions correctly, he/she can pass the toll-gate and get rewards. When the player passes the final toll-gate, he/she will get very generous rewards. If the player is unable to answer the questions correctly, he/she will fail. The player has to begin the whole process from beginning.

Activity Examples:

Guessing Game in Lantern Festival

(it doesn’t need any prop, players can take part freely but only have one chance.)

Weekly Alpha Test (players need to use the “Wisdom Card” to attend this activity)

World Cup Questions during World cup

(players need to use the “Hercules’ Ticket” to attend this activity)

Horse Racing

A map of Serpent Island is set as race track. Players are sent to race track by NPC, draw mission of horse racing and begin racing according to direction of map. Players will meet various crystal or goblins good or evil. Finishing the specified laps, players can get a rank and win prizes depending on the proficiency of the race. At the end of month, the players can compete their horses on the big map and the first one crossing the finish line can receive a reward.

Activity Example:

Serpent Island Horse Racing (three bouts every day)

Arena Battle for the Treasure

Arena is set as a treasure case which can give various articles at a given time. Players may be rewarded when they open the case in arena and also may meet monsters. Killing monsters will bring them a chance to be rewarded. Players in arena are in a free state and being killed will not affect their record.

Activity Example:

Weekly Arena
Articles dropping

Starting the game, players can kill the monsters and pick up the articles that the monsters drop. Some of the articles can be used directly and players can take the articles to a specific NPC for rewards.

Activity Examples:

Perfect World: Farewell the past and greet new days, Making wish (players can

get Making wish stick after killing monster and use this to get possible rewards)

Perfect World: Candy in New Year’s eve Brings Good Fortune (players can get candy after

killing monsters and eat it to replenish the player’s energy)

Perfect World: Rose in Valentine’s Day Exchange for Wedding Dress (players can get rose after killing monsters, some number of roses can be used to exchange for wedding dress)

Perfect World: Lost Medal in May Day (players can get Lost Medal after killing monsters and exchange for some rewards. If finishing the mission given by NPC, they can get bigger prize using medal)

Online Making Rice Dumpling on Dragon Festival (players can get ingredients of rice dumpling after killing monsters and process the ingredients at NPC. After that, they can get dumplings with different function as rewards.)

Statistical Activity for Data Search

After starting new service or occupation, program will count the number of players in server up to a certain time and give rewards to players according to their level, reputation, faction etc.

Activity Examples:

Best Person in New Server

Leveling-Up Competition

6.3 Function of operable Activities
Adjusting props

Adding different props:

Props with Card can increase such displaying effect as pictures or words.

Practical props can increase fixed attribute of articles, such as reviving HP, MP,improve the outgoing effect for all players to appreciate.

Special articles are such as articles with special nature, golden products, binding tools and compositive tools.

Modification of Roles

Level: The highest level is 100th.

Level Up/Gain Skills: Roles can learn and practice to attain higher levels of craftsmanship and magical powers.

Temperament: There is meter of bad temper that keeps track of the roles’ negative behavior. Roles are able to fill up a maximum of three units.

Energy: Players can adjust to 500W to satisfy all of their skill learning needs.

Reputation: A variable that describes the role’s flexibility and willingness to change.

Money: Players can allot up to two billion for each role.
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