You are really stupid for a grown up! ("you really spend some time changing headers titles XD." All editors have search of replace even notepad).
The truth is you tried to scam me on PayPal that's why I don't like you and because you got me banned on ragezone, obviously because you sucked someone dick other then that you wouldn't got DEV title you are not dev.

Go suck your own dick dude ;)

Over and out, i am done wasting time with losers like you.
ohh, so jealous, so all this thread is about your jealousy because i got Rank Developer at ragezone and all you got is a ban and also the tag Scammer on your name on ragezone because you scammed people.

let me remember you, here's what get you banned from ragezone, wasn't me but your own actions and fault.

looks like you get banned again, this time on, and the reason is basically the same, scamming people again, selling a server that you don't have, using images from deadraky server to pretend you have, for 1500$ usd.

i should also warn people that forum are all scammer people, owners of forum are involved in scamming people so don't even dare to create account on this forum or your password can be copy and used for other purposes.

I think you are stupid again :) but this only prove that you have nothing else to do then sit on forms all day long.

I don't sell servers and i didn't get banned anywhere. I don't even have an account there, but thanks for reminding me (LOL)

Anyway keep at it you will pass me after i quit.